Online Academy for Career Planning

Online courses and coaching for doctoral researchers and postdocs

Where is your journey going to take you? What is your next career step going to be? The Scientist Coach helps doctoral researchers and postdocs to find answers to these questions and to take the next career step with confidence. The new Online Academy for Career Planning  by The Scientist Coach now offers our popular classroom seminars as flexible online courses with a range of different formats to choose from. Interactive short workshops for larger groups? Intensive career courses for smaller groups with webinars, online self-study with support and individual coaching? Or a self-study course for individuals? Learn more about our offers on this website and contact us for more information and booking requests!

Offers for scientific INstitutions

Online courses, career coaching, short workshops, keynotes

You would like to support your doctoral researchers and postdocs in planning their next career step? The Online Academy for Career Planning by The Scientist Coach offers various and flexible formats, tailored to your requirements...

Offers for individuals

Career Coaching & Self-study online course

You are a doctoral researcher or a postdoc and are unsure how to continue your career? Do you need support and guidance to plan your next career step, but there are currently no courses on offer at your scientific institution? Then our career coaching or our career planning online course might be the right thing for you!