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Online courses

"What are your life and career goals? How can you find a career that suits you? Which competencies do you already have, which ones do you need? How can you plan your career?" Our online courses help young scientists find the answers to these and other questions and to plan their future career path with confidence. We currently offer the following courses online:

Career Planning - An Introduction

This course is for doctoral researchers in their first year. Learn more:

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Career Planning - Intensive Course

This intensive course for doctoral researchers from their second year and postdocs consists of four comprehensive modules. Learn more:

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CompetenCy profilE - SpeCial Course

This special course for doctoral researchers and postodcs is based on the methods of the "Kompetenzenbilanz". Learn more:

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Online career coaching

Coaching opens up new perspectives and new ways of thinking through a professional dialogue. When pondering on their own, people often get stuck or go around in circles instead of getting closer to their goal. Help your doctoral researchers and postdocs gain more clarity with regard to their next career step! Coachings can be booked separately or as a follow-up to online courses. Learn more:

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Short workshops, keynotes, individual offers

You would like to offer an online meet up for doctoral researchers in your graduate school? You need external input in form of a keynote speech or a short workhop? You have specific requests regarding the format? Or...? Just contact us and we will find a suitable solution together.